30+ Beach Themed Recipes for Summer (2024)

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Make these beach themed recipes with the kids to kick off summer break in an official way. Use them as part of a lesson on ocean life. Or, of course, you can make them just for fun. After all, there's never a wrong time to enjoy a yummy treat.

Summer will be in full swing soon. Whether you're hosting a summer get-together or simply want to make a beach snack for the kids, you're going to love this list of beach-themed recipes that we've pulled together. You'll find so many ideas for cute cupcakes, Jello cups, cookies, and more featuring ocean animals, flip-flops, mini-popsicles, beach umbrellas, and other fixtures of summer.

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Tasty Beach Themed Recipes

First, you should check out the beach-themed recipes we offer right here at Easy Family Recipe Ideas. From cute cupcakes to yummy cookies and easy Jello snacks, you'll find some terrific ideas that'll make a splash this summer.

Mermaid Cupcakes

Serve these easy-to-make mermaid cupcakes at a mermaid birthday party or just as a fun beach-themed treat for the kids. They look like a mermaid diving into the blue water! The mermaid tails are super easy to make using a candy mold.

Shark Cupcakes

Is your baby shark having a birthday soon? Make these shark-themed cupcakes to celebrate! They'd be fantastic for Shark Week in the summer as well. Shaping the fondant shark fins is simple and straightforward; you'll have no trouble at all.

Beach-Themed Meringue Cookies

These beach-themed cookies would make beautiful treats at a beach-themed wedding. The brown sugar really looks like sand on the beach, and the seashells are easy to make using a seashell mold.

Jello Ocean

Here's a fun recipe that'll be a big hit at your pool party. It is as simple as it looks—gelatin, Swedish fish, and candies to go on the bottom to look like aquarium rocks. It's an easy recipe for kids to make as part of an under-the-sea unit, too. Cooking is a great way to practice math and practical life skills.

Sand Dollar Cookies

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Beach Themed Foods

30+ Beach Themed Recipes for Summer (7)

Get even more beach vibes in the kitchen with these creative recipes from blogs around the web.

Beach-Themed Cupcakes from naturalbeachliving.com: How adorable are these cupcakes? There's a little figure sunbathing, candy flip-flips, a beach ball, and a small beach umbrella. Kids are going to love these candy-decorated cupcakes. You don't need any special piping tools to make these cakes, so they're a great choice if cake decorating isn't your thing.

Beach Snack Mix from frugalcouponliving.com: If you're looking for an easy snack to take to the beach, make these seasoned oyster crackers and goldfish. They're seasoned with Ranch and a few more herbs, and they taste incredible! Kids and adults both will gobble it up.

Flip Flop and Beach ball Cookies from conservamome.com: Flip flops and summer go hand-in-hand. But instead of slipping into your favorite pair, you'll be making flip-flop and beach ball cookies with Nutter Butters and Vanilla Wafers.

Crab Cupcakes from frugalcouponliving.com: How clever! The crabs on these cupcakes are made with orange slices, gumdrops, and lifesavers. They'll be a big hit at your pool party.

Sea Glass Layered Jello Cups from everafterinthewoods.com: This Jello dessert will remind you of those magical days at the beach. It looks like pretty layers of sea glass, so it's a gorgeous choice for a mermaid party, pool party, ocean party, or any summer gathering where you want to make a beautiful but simple dessert.

No-Bake Clam Shell Cookies from crayonsandcravings.com: Summer days are just too hot to turn on the oven sometimes. No worries, because you can make these clamshell cookies out of vanilla wafers, marshmallow frosting, and Sixlets.

Under the Sea Cooking Ideas

Clam Shell Cupcakes from mommymadethat.com: If you'd like to be a little more adventurous with the clamshell cookies above, add them to the tops of these cupcakes. Half of the cake is covered in cookie crumbs to create the sand, and the other half is covered in wavy blue frosting with little fish jumping through the waves. Make them for a summer cookout to really wow your guests.

Giant Squid Cupcakes from frugalcouponliving.com: Purple chocolate melts and candy eyes turn ordinary marshmallows and Twizzlers into a giant squid (or octopus) atop the fluffy blue frosting. Get the kids involved in making this fun dessert!

Mermaid Cookies from savvymamalifestyle.com: Here's another mermaid treat that'll make a big splash at a mermaid party. Give them out as favors, or just add them as treats for the dessert table. The soft, buttery cookies taste so good and are topped with royal icing.

Beach Days Jello Cups from ourkidthings.com: For another fun Jello treat, make these super cute cups with bears that look like they're enjoying their time in the water. Did you spot the shark lurking in the water below? That'll be a surprise!

Bear Beach Snack from glitteronadime.com: Teddy Grahams are also the star of the show for this beach snack craft. The kids can help out with this simple snack made with graham crackers, frosting, candy, and Teddy Grahams.

Mini Popsicle Cupcakes from sunnysweetdays.com: Mike & Ikes candies become little miniature popsicles on these quick and easy cupcakes. With colorful candies and sprinkles, they make you think of summer.

Santa Beach Cookies from momandmunchkins.ca: Celebrate Christmas in July with these hilarious Santa's summer vacation cookies. They look like Santa's buried in the sand and is enjoying a nice, cold drink. The kids will get such a kick out of them!

Summer Beach Themed Food

30+ Beach Themed Recipes for Summer (8)

Sand and Beach Pudding Cups from mommymadethat.com: Don't you just love bright pink flamingos? These pretty pudding cups include blue pudding to look like water, graham cracker crumbs to represent the beach, a Swedish fish, and a cute candy flamingo perched in the sand.

Ocean Swirl Beach Cupcakes from hunnyimhomediy.com: Here's another dessert to make with those pink flamingo decorations made by Wilton. Add a little drink umbrella to make it extra beachy.

Shark Pudding Cups from drugstoredivas.net: If you'd like to whip up a quick and easy summer snack for the kids, these shark pudding cups are the perfect solution. You could use food blue coloring to dye the pudding blue to make it look like water, but you don't have to. The kids will love it either way.

Seashell Rice Krispie Treats from catholicicing.com: Seashells (or scallop shells, in particular) are a common symbol for baptisms, so these yummy seashell Krispie treats are an excellent choice for teaching kids about baptism or for a post-baptism celebration.

Ocean Cookie Cake from imaginativehomeschool.blogspot.com: If you need an ocean-themed cake for a summer birthday, do yourself a favor and make the cake with a boxed cake mix and canned frosting. The wow factor for this cake comes from the decorated cookies—sharks, dolphins, fish, seahorses, and octopuses.

Mason Jar Beach Sand Pudding from 4theloveoffoodblog.com: Chocolate seashells sit atop a sandy beach made of pudding and cookies. What could be yummier? By putting them in a mason jar, they'll travel easily with you to the beach in your cooler.

Luau Pretzel Rods from theinspirationedit.com: Make these easy peasy pretzel rods for a Hawaiian or beach-themed party. Dipped pretzel rods are simple and can easily be adapted for any party theme or occasion.

Jello Shark Snacks from artsymomma.com: Gummy sharks, Jello, and whipped cream are all you need to make this tasty, jiggly treat for summer. You could also sprinkle some graham cracker crumbs over one side of the whipped cream to look like sand.

Beach Glass Hard Candy from thehomespunhydrangea.com: This gorgeous beach glass candy would make a lovely treat for an evening of beach glass hunting with the kids. You could also insert pieces of this beach glass candy into the tops of cupcakes for a stunningly simple decoration.

Beach Cupcakes from cookiedoughandovenmitt.com: These aren't your typical cupcakes. Caramel Swiss meringue buttercream takes these beach-themed cupcakes from good to great! But to keep it relatively simple, you can use a boxed yellow cake mix for the cupcakes themselves. To make them beachy, add graham cracker crumbs and sea buddy sugar decorations.

Turtle Beach Jello Cups from kennary.com: Are you planning an ocean animals unit for the kids this summer? Make these turtle beach cups for a lesson on sea turtles. Talk about sea turtle conservation while you enjoy your snack together.

Sonic Ocean Water from bakingbeauty.net: What a gorgeous and refreshing drink for summer! This recipe is a copycat of the Ocean Water from Sonic. It's a terrific beverage for a pool party, the 4th of July or any summer cookout.

Octopus Ocean Pudding Cups from momendeavors.com: Plan a movie night with the kids to watch an ocean-themed film like Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, Little Mermaid, or one of your other favorites. Serve these pudding cups with tart gummy octopuses to snack on while you watch the movie.

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30+ Beach Themed Recipes for Summer (9)

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Party Food Ideas

Studies have shown that you will also love the following recipes if you like them.I have pulled them together for you right here!

Jello Ideas for Summer

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30+ Beach Themed Recipes for Summer (2024)


What is the best food to bring to the beach? ›

Most fruit (the less juicy the better), sandwiches and wraps, veggie pasta salads (pack a bunch of recyclable forks), homemade sponge cakes, chunky biscuits and anything bite-sized all make great beach food.

How do you throw a beach themed party? ›

Since you're having the party at the beach, consider getting beach-themed decorations, such as tiki torches, leis for the guests to wear, and paper umbrellas for the guests to put in their drinks. This is an inexpensive way to add a touch of fun to your party. Send invitations to your guests.

What food is good for a picnic at the beach? ›

Fresh fruit, skewered vegetables and one-hand sandwiches all fit the bill, and they will leave you with as little sand in your mouth as possible. Well-wrapped long, skinny sandwiches are easy to eat in bites –– think a baguette with ham, cold-cut heroes, veggie wraps or even something burrito-esque.

What is the healthiest food to eat at the beach? ›

Seaside & Poolside Snacks
  • yogurt (try freezing it the night before!)
  • nonfat pudding cups.
  • individual cereal boxes (Grape Nuts or whole grain Cheerios)
  • baked tortillas chips and salsa.
  • unsalted, roasted edamame or chickpeas.
  • unsalted roasted nuts or trail mix.
  • unsalted homemade popcorn.
  • unsalted whole grain pretzels.

How do you pack food for a day at the beach? ›

Strategies for Packing a Fuss-Free Beach Lunch
  1. Choose hand-held foods. ...
  2. Store foods in resealable plastic bags instead of containers. ...
  3. Pack using a cooler or an insulated bag with an ice pack. ...
  4. Pack wrapped foods. ...
  5. Pack dry foods. ...
  6. Pack a roll of paper towels in a plastic grocery store bag.
May 29, 2015

What do you serve at a hot tub party? ›

The ideas are virtually endless, but here are some favourites:
  • Nacho bar.
  • Baked potato bar.
  • Hot dog bar.
  • Pizza bar.
  • Pasta bar.
  • Salad bar.

What are common party foods? ›

Some examples of party food include mini sandwiches, sliders, chicken wings, meatballs, cheese and charcuterie platters, vegetable and fruit skewers, and various dips and spreads.

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