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Getting Robux in Roblox can be difficult if you don’t want to pay any money. This is one of Roblox’s primary revenue outlets, so them not wanting to part with them for free is not surprising. However, there are legitimate methods you can use to get Robux. These generally require you to create games or avatar items for players of the platform. You can also enter giveaways, which while rare, can yield you some freebies. There is one method, however, that is above all the rest and is a legitimate way to get some free Robux.

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Getting Robux for free in Roblox

To get Robux for free, you can use the following methods: participate in donation games on Roblox, enroll in the Microsoft Rewards Program, develop your own game on Roblox, design avatar item (UGC) in Roblox, or take part in online giveaways.

Donation Games

What is now probably one of the best ways to get free Robux in Roblox is joining the various donation games that exist. What you do in these games is you create items for the Roblox Avatar Shop, and the games allow you to add them as items in the game. Players can then purchase these items with their Robux, which you will then receive on your account!

Some of the popular options are PLS Donate, Starving Artists, and PLS Buy Me.

If you want to get started with either of these, we have guides on how you can set things up and customize your stands:

  • PLS Donate Text Generator
  • PLS Donate Best Text Options
  • How to get a Shirt ID for Roblox Starving Artists (This works for PLS Donate as well)
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Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft offers Roblox players a way to get Robux for free. You will need to first go to the Microsoft Rewards Roblox page and either sign up with your Microsoft account or create one. Once you signed up, you will see activities that you can do to earn points. These include signing up for various Microsoft programs, playing games, and more. Each time you complete one of these, you will get points. You can then use these points to purchase a Roblox Digital Code for Robux!

How to get free Robux (May 2024) - No paying necessary! - Try Hard Guides (2)

One way to get bonus points is to complete the daily set of tasks each day in a row. If you do it for multiple days back-to-back, you will get bonus points for it!

You will need to accumulate 1,500 points to grab the Roblox Digital Code. This will get you a code that you can redeem and get 100 Robux with. While it’s not a ton, it’s still a pretty simple way to get Robux by completing some easy tasks. If you do this on a daily basis, you can rack up an impressive amount of Robux!

If you spend the 1,500 points on the Robux Gift Card, you will get the Upside Down Elf Avatar item for free! This is likely only available for a limited-time.

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Create a Roblox Game

Making a game in Roblox can be a difficult task, but it can also help teach you skills that you will be able to use in the future. While playing games is fun, it usually doesn’t lead you to a career later in life. Creating a game, however, can lead you into development, which is one of the most popular jobs in the world right now. Game creation is challenging and can be a lot of fun!

The video below does a good job getting you familiar with Roblox Developer Studio, which is where you will be creating your games. There’s a ton of tutorial videos on YouTube, so be sure to search there to find more help.

This next video teaches you more specifically how to create a game in Roblox. You might pick up some helpful stuff just by watching it and can use it in the game you’re creating. You can also follow along as a way to learn.

For additional help, go ahead and read through the information on Roblox’s Developer Site, which features details on coding and everything else you could imagine. If you have questions, you can head to the Roblox DevForum where you can talk to experienced developers and learn from them.

I recommend starting off simple and moving on to more complicated projects. Don’t just try to create your dream game right away! The easiest games to create are things like an obby or a simulator. These can get you comfortable with the basics, and then allow you to move onto more difficult projects.

To actually make Robux from your game, you will need to include things that a player would want to purchase for Robux. This is usually a gamepass, which gives a player some sort of bonus when playing. You can also add Robux purchases in the game for certain items or abilities.

You will also make Robux whenever a Roblox Premium player plays your game! That means you don’t have to add any monetization to what you created, you will just get Robux whenever one of those premium players joins and plays your game for a period of time.

Create Roblox T-Shirts, Shirts, & Pants

Creating shirts, t-shirts, & pants in Roblox is a valid way to make some Robux on the platform. The reason we create these items in particular is because selling other types of clothing requires that you become a member of the User Generated Catalog program (UGC), which can be difficult to get. You can read more about that process right here.

The difference between a T-Shirt and a Shirt in Roblox is a bit confusing, but I will explain it below.

A T-Shirt can be made by anyone, but can only be sold for Robux if you have a Roblox Premium subscription. A T-Shirt is more like a transparent graphic that you can slap on top of what you’re wearing. This comes in the form of logos, transparent textures, and various other designs. You can get an idea of how these look and of what people buy by visiting the T-Shirt Avatar Shop’s bestselling area.

A Shirt in Roblox is something that can (not always) cover the whole torso area of your avatar’s body (back, front, and arms). Certain areas of a Shirt can be left to be transparent, so your character’s skin shows through. These are more popular than T-Shirts, because not just anyone can create them and they cover more of your body. You can find the most popular creations via the Shirt Avatar Shop bestselling area.

Pants are less confusing because there isn’t multiple types. You can find the template for creating shirts and pants on the Roblox Developer site.

To create and sell Shirts and Pants you will need to have Roblox Premium. This is a monthly fee that you will need to pay for the privilege, and the lowest tier is $4.99 USD. You do get Robux and some additional benefits for subscribing, so it can be worth it if you play a lot of Roblox.

Here’s a basic tutorial on how to sell your shirt:

Here’s a basic look at how to make and sell some pants:

Enter Giveaways

I talked about the fact that you should avoid certain giveaways in the scam section, but this is a legitimate way to gain Robux if the person doing the giveaway isn’t a scammer. Twitter is one of the better ways to enter these. All you need to do is create a Twitter account if you don’t already have one. I would not make this my main account, have one for giveaways and your personal one if you want to use Twitter at all. On that account, search for “Robux Giveaways” via the Twitter search. You should find a lot of these being promoted, so join them and hope you win. Most of the time you just need to like, retweet, and/or follow the account to enter. This doesn’t take a lot of time, so it’s worth spending 5-minutes or more a day entering them.

Watch out for scams!

First thing you need to know if you’re heading down the rabbit hole of free Robux in Roblox is that there are many scams. Any website that is claiming that you can get Robux free for entering in your account that isn’t a well-known brand (e.g., Microsoft) is likely a scam. These websites are looking to collect your information and potentially steal your account along with any Robux that you might already have! Do not engage in anything like this, you will at best be wasting your time and at worst losing your account.

Another scam to watch for is YouTube accounts that claim they are doing Robux giveaways. These are usually clickbait Roblox YouTubers, who use various tactics to get you to like, comment, and subscribe to their content. Make sure they provide proof that they are giving away Robux, or you will again be wasting your time and giving them all the benefit.

There are no codes to get free Robux! This might have been the case a very long time ago, but these do not exist any longer. You can, however, get free avatar items by using Roblox Promo Codes.

That’s all for now on ways to get free Robux. If we discover anymore, we will be sure to add them to the list. If you have additional methods, feel free to let us know in the comments!

How to get free Robux (May 2024) - No paying necessary! - Try Hard Guides (2024)
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