My Hero Academia: Ochaco Uraraka's Quirk Awakening, Explained (2024)

Ochoco Uraraka is one of the most important side characters in My Hero Academia. Introduced in the very beginning of the story, Ochaco has affected the plot of My Hero Academia in some ways, however, it is widely believed that she is quite an underutilized character, just like much of the female cast of the story. Currently, My Hero Academia is in its Final War arc and that means Horikoshi is doing his best to do justice to all of his characters.

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Credit where due, he has been doing a decent job so far, and when it comes to the major fights, one clash that certainly stood out is Toga Vs Ochaco Uraraka. Not only did this fight possess quite a lot of emotional value, but, at the same time, fans got to see some of the most incredible power-ups as well, including Ochaco Uraraka's Zero Gravity Quirk awakening.

Ochaco's Zero Gravity Quirk

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Ochaco possesses quite a useful ability in the world of My Hero Academia, known as Zero Gravity. This Quirk is quite unique in how it works as it allows Ochaco to basically nullify the gravitational pull of any object with a touch of her fingertips. Anyone or any object that she touches can be made to float and act as if it isn't affected by the Earth's gravitational pull. Essentially, this Quirk is very powerful, however, it does have its own limitations. For instance, until recently, Ochaco had a three-ton limit on her Zero Gravity Quirk. This meant that only objects that fall within this weight limit can be made to act like gravity has no effect on them.

Ochaco wasn't always blessed with this incredible power. While the Quirk manifested in her ever since birth, training it was a completely different thing altogether. Ochaco has trained quite hard to develop her powers, even going to incredible lengths to deal with the nausea that follows with this ability. This is due to the fact that the objects that she is making levitate put a lot of strain on her body. The more the objects that she is lifting at the same time and the heavier they weigh, the more difficult it gets for her to maintain perfect semblance. However, Ochaco knows this weakness of hers and has been training consistently to overcome it. By the Final War Saga, she is one of the most skilled Quirk users in the entire series, even though, sadly, fans did not get to see much of that.

How Ochaco Awakened Her Quirk

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In the Final War Saga, Ochaco entered combat against Toga and this fight, which was once expected by the fans to be one of the least interesting ones, due to lack of characterization for Ochaco, turned out to be one of the most incredible fights, which is something that every fan of the series is absolutely thankful for. As fans know already, Toga is an incredibly powerful villain. This is especially true when taking into consideration her Quirk which allows her to take the form of other people and even use the Quirks of the people that she loves by ingesting their blood.

She could transform into Twice and use his powers to wreak havoc on the battlefield. At the same time, she could also use Twice's powers to keep multiplying infinitely, which was certainly not good for the Heroes and actually turned the tides of the battle against them. Much to the surprise of the fans, Ochaco Uraraka ended up taking her on in combat all by herself despite struggling for the vast majority of it, she ended up Awakening her Quirk, which only came at the back of a very heartfelt conversation with Toga.

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In a time where she was utterly desperate to get her feelings across to Toga and, at the same time, save everyone that she loved, Uraraka managed to awaken her Quirk. Uraraka had never pushed herself this far in the story before, however, now, she kept going even though she was stabbed and she got and beaten quite heavily. All this is what triggered Zero Gravity's Quirk Awakening.

Zero Gravity's Quirk Awakening

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Zero Gravity is quite a dangerous Quirk just by itself. This has been confirmed in the story on several occasions and even though Ochaco wants to use it in the safest of ways, that certainly doesn't mean that this Quirk is not powerful. For Ochaco, Heroes are meant to help others and not harm them, and for this reason she refuses to use Zero Gravity in dangerous ways. However, when Toga utilized her powers after ingesting her blood, she showed fans the true scary potential of Zero Gravity. By making enemies suspended in the air and plummeting them to their deaths from extreme heights, this Quirk can kill in an instant.

When it comes to the Awakening of Zero Gravity, things get taken a level beyond. With the awakening of this power, Uraraka can make anyone and anything levitate in the air without even having to touch them all. This was seen when she used this ability on Sad Man's Legion, which was the strongest technique used by Toga. Without even touching all the clones, she was able to make them levitate and, at the same time, her 3-ton weight limit was also far surpassed.

Now, Uraraka can lift much much heavier objects without even having to touch them and suspend them in mid-air for however long she wants. This Quirk has leveled up and now become one of the strongest in My Hero Academia, and that goes without saying. Ochaco still wants to use it in non-dangerous ways, however, if she so wishes, she could easily kill even some of the very powerful villains by plummeting them to their deaths without even having to touch them.

How Strong Is Ochaco?

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With the Quirk Awakening of Zero Gravity, Ochaco Uraraka is now one of the strongest characters in the entire story. While she certainly isn't someone as strong as All Might or All For One, she is certainly among the very best Heroes in U.A. and ranks among the strongest. Not every character in My Hero Academia has undergone Quirk Awakening and the fact that she does goes to show that she is a very skilled fighter. In the war, Ochaco has specifically leveled up quite a lot. Her incredible endurance and, at the same time, her will to fight have been put on display as well. When it comes to combat abilities, Ochaco has been able to keep up with Toga, who is a very dangerous woman, as has been seen in the story on countless occasions.

With her Quirk Awakening, she is essentially stronger than Toga and can even kill her if she so wishes. However, One of Ochaco's biggest strengths is a discerning heart and she can tell who needs help and who doesn't. She wants to save as many people as possible and a sad soul such as Toga was certainly one of them as well. In the prime of her powers, Ochaco is surely going to be one of the very best fighters in the world of My Hero Academia, ranking alongside the U.A.'s finest, such as Deku, Bakugou, and Todoroki. What's scary is that she still has quite a lot of room to grow and if she does meet her potential, she will become one of My Hero Academia's finest Heroes, and fans certainly can't wait for that.

My Hero Academia is available to read for free on MangaPlus by Viz Media.

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My Hero Academia: Ochaco Uraraka's Quirk Awakening, Explained (2024)
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